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This page shows the ten most famous quotes from the actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. This list only includes quotes from his movies.

10: F.U. x 2


Commando Cooke vs Matrix

In the movie Commando (1985), Arnie interprets the retired delta force operative Col. Jonh Matrix. One day, his daughter is kidnapped by a group of mercenaries and Matrix is forced to track down a South American dictator in order to save her daughter´s life.

In one segment of the movie, Matrix must find a corrupt Green Beret called Cooke that can give him information about the ubication of his daughter. He finds Cooke in a motel´s room and confronts him. During their fight, Cooke is about to shoot Matrix with a gun and tells him "F**k you a***ole!" but the gun runs out of bullets and then Matrix returns him the insult before punches him brutally and subsequently killing him in the process.

Arnold first delivered the famous line one year before in The Terminator (1984), but was in Commando where it becomes a recurring line of him. Later, he will use the line again in other different movies.

9: Panic Room


Arnold Schwarzenegger - Shut Up

In the movie Kindergarden Cop (1990), detective John Kimble is forced to take an undercover assignment as a kindergarten teacher, leading him to consider changing his profession once he discovers his passion for teaching.

But later he discovers that teaching children is more difficult that it appears. In one instance of the movie, Kimble is confronted by the children´s mess, going completely crazy. The scene is memorable due to Arnie´s hilarious crazed face.

8: The Lamentation


Conan the Barbarian what is best in life-1

Maybe this is not one of the most known phrases on this list, but it's enough funny and sticky to be at the 8º place. In Conan the Barbarian(1982), Conan is filosophying with mongols around a fire. In that moment, one of the mongols asks him what's the best in life, which Conan answers with a classic answer (watch the video on the right).

Its one of the most famous Arnie's quotes of the 80s that never loses its power.

7: Wifey no More


Total Recall Divorce

In the film Total Recall (1990), Douglas Quaid, a construction worker, discovers that he is actually a secret agent formerly named Carl Hauser, and travels to Mars to uncover his true identity and why his memory was erased. Across his path to know the truth, Quaid also discovers that her lovely wife called Lori (portrayed by Sharon Stone) is really a secret agent that pretends to be his wife in order to monitorate him. 

During one of the climaxes of the movie, Lori tries to take his life, but before she can shoot him, he shoots her in the head and then he delivers his phrase. With this headshot, Arnie gets finally divorced, literally.

6: Gravity


Commando (3 5) Movie CLIP - I Let Him Go (1985) HD-0

Another famous Arnie's phrase from Commando. Shortly before the number 10 quote of this list, John Matrix hunts down Sully, one of the henchmen of the former South American dictator, after receiving a little help from a flight attendant. After a car chasing, John ultimately captures Sully and carries him into the edge of a cliff.

After forgetting the laws of gravity and remembering the past, Matrix drops Sully into the cliff. This also shows us that Arnie can lie you before killing you.

5: Hands Off


See You At The Party Richter! - Total Recall (1990)

The second Total Recall´s quote of this list. When Quaid learns the full extension of his past in Mars, he confronts the governor Vilos Cohaagen.

The two men fight in an elevator on move. Quaid throws Vilos away of the elevator, but before falling, Vilos clings in one of the elevator´s borders. Vilos tries to throw Quaid, but after he can do it, his arms are uprooted by a wall. 

Vilos falls to his death, not before Quaid says his phrase and then returns his arms.

4: Tumor


It's Not a Tumor! - Kindergarten Cop (6 10) Movie CLIP (1990) HD-1

Again in Kindergarden Cop. After nagging a boy who was eating the other people´s lunches, Kimble organizes a story-telling game with the kids called "Who´s my Daddy and What Does he Do?". This game was designed to find clues about his undercover assignment.

The kids proceed to ask Kimble some questions, making Kimble to say them that he has a headache. In that instance, one kid tells him that it could be a tumor, which Kimble negletes it in an upset but funny way.

3: Choppa


Get To The Chopper!!!

This phrase was spoken by Anie's character, Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, in the sci/fi action movie Predator (1987) in a helicopter evacuation scene after the rest of Dutch's team had been killed by the Predator. Before confronting the monster, Najor Schaefer yells the line to get Anna safely onboard the chopper.

Due to Schwarzenegger's thick European accent, the line came off as a comical relief rather than exclamation of urgency and it eventually became one of the most celebrated quotes attributed to the actor. On forums and message boards, the quote is used in a playful manner to indicate there is an imminent danger and everyone must evacuate immediately. 

Recently, the phrase has become a popular internet meme used by many people in different web sites like in social networks.

2: He'll Be Back


Terminator 1 - I'll Be Back

One of the most famous Arnies's catchphrases. He first used it in his role as the title character from the science fiction film The Terminator (1984), when the android assassin is refused entry to the police station where his target is housed. He surveys the counter, then tells the police sergeant: "I'll be back." Moments later, he drives a car into the station, destroying the counter, and massacres the staff.

On June 21, 2005, it was chosen as #37 on the American Film Institute list, AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movie Quotes. Schwarzenegger uses the same line, or some variant of it, in many of his later films, including Total Recall, Commando and the Expendables 2.

In an October 1, 2012 interview on Good Morning America, Schwarzenegger revealed that he had difficulty pronouncing the word I'll and asked director James Cameron if it could be changed to "I will be back". Cameron refused but told him that the shot would be taken more than once and the best would be used in the final cut of the film so Schwarzenegger could vary the line.

1: See You Later, Baby


Terminator 2 - 5 - "Hasta la vista, baby"

This is without any doubt Arnie's most memorable and famous catchphrase. It became a world-famous catchphrase when it was used in the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991). The phrase is featured in an exchange between the film's characters John Connor and the Terminator, when John tries to learn to the cyborg how to talk ordinarily. The Terminator says the phrase again prior to shattering the liquid nitrogen-frozen T-1000 with a gunshot.

Since then, the phrase became internationally popular, used later in other different movies and other media.

Schwarzenegger has since used the phrase during public speeches as part of his political career. During the 1992 Republican primaries, Pat Buchanan challenged President George H. W. Bush for the nomination. Schwarzenegger joined Bush in New Hampshire and urged voters to send Pat Buchanan a message: "Hasta la vista, baby." On October 7, 2003, Schwarzenegger was elected in recall election Governor of California. The Michigan Daily titled its article "Voters bid 'hasta la vista' to Davis".

In 2008, Schwarzenegger met with Chilean president Michelle Bachelet during her state visit to California. Bachelet closed her public speech with the phrase "Hasta la vista" and imitated Schwarzenegger's accent.