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To Tell You a Gory... is the first episode of the Happy Pony Friends franchise, and being the first in the internet series. This is also the episode that introduces Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie; three cute and cuddly ponies doomed to death and gloom, and Spike, a determined yet somewhat inept dragon that serves Twilight.

HPF Episode Description

To Tell You a Gory... is the very first Happy Pony Friends episode! This show introduces half of the core character group and also sets up the theme of "innocent mayhem" that runs throughout the entire series. Twilight is studying her books, and suddenly a tree grows into her room through the window! Twilight tries to get rid of the tree, only to have things grow into a bigger problem. Literally!


The very first episode of the internet series (or HPF in general) begins with a fade-in on a purple unicorn, Twilight Sparkle. Twilight is apparently studying, looking at books and taking notes down, ignoring Spike and all other things around her. There is a candle on her desk, which allows her more light to focus on her studies. Twilight then gets an apple out of one of her desk shelves, and takes a few bites out of it, still not deviating from her aforementioned studies. The camera zooms in on the window, where it is shown to be a dark and quiet night outside.

Not too far off from Twilight's home, an energetic, pink party pony named Pinkie Pie is bouncing up and down in excitement next to her friend, Rainbow Dash, who is a blue, rainbow maned pony gifted with the ability to fly, via wings. The duo have a syringe and a bottle. They squirt the formula onto an acorn and it grows to the size of the tree stump next to it, much to the ponies' amazement. Rainbow Dash then grabs a small knife and chops off two pieces for her and Pinkie Pie. Rainbow Dash eats hers first, but the small chunk of acorn Rainbow ate keeps growing, although it is in her stomach. Moments later, Rainbow Dash's belly rips open, spilling out her stomach, intestine, and abdomen. Rainbow Dash's hole in her belly bleeds profusely, and Rainbow quickly turns pale and dies from blood loss. Pinkie hasn't eaten hers yet, but has it in her mouth. Pinkie is shocked and is staring in abject horror. Suddenly, her piece of the acorn begins growing, despite it being in her mouth. The acorn chunk grows and it causes Pinkie's head to be torn in two, with her jaw the bottom half and the rest of her head, falling off. Pinkie's jaw spouts blood, and the corpse falls, knocking the formula into a nearby tree.

The tree begins to grow, and the scene comes back to Twilight's home. Twilight is studying and Spike is in front of the window in the room. The tree bursts through the window, launching glass everywhere and impaling Spike in the back of his head, and as he screams, the tree comes out of his mouth, along with an immense amount of blood. Spike dies soon after because of blood loss. The glass shards are flung towards Twilight, and they chop off her left ear. Twilight screams in pain, and runs to the tree, scraping her hooves as she trampled the glass shards. Twilight tries to shove the tree out if the room, but to no avail. Twilight then backs up against the wall opposite to the window and the tree. Twilight then charges towards the tree at full speed, but slips on a glass shard and she is launched up in the air, and lands on her coat hanger. One of the hooks is lodged into Twilight's eye, and as she pulls away, her eye is yanked out of its socket. Screaming in incredible pain, Twilight begins to lose grip of her sanity and gets an eye twitch, but regains her sanity seconds later, shaking her head.

Twilight is crying with her one eye, and she wails in fear and pain. Twilight tries to shove the tree out by shoving her back into it, but the tree goes through her back and pushes on her spine, forcing her spine to burst out of her chest cavity, still attached to her inner back. Twilight screams even louder, her exposed chest now releasing a large amount of blood, and the blood is splattered all over the floor. Twilight then desperately tries to shove the tree out of her window, but fails and soon dies due to blood loss and (possibly) her dislocated spine. Twilight's half mangled corpse collapses to the floor, in a puddle of its own blood. Twilight's other eye also rolls out, and is taken out the window by the wind. The eye is taken back to the large acorn Rainbow Dash and Pinkie ate. The eye lands on Pinkie's half decapitated corpse, where the eye is blown by a spurt of blood from Pinkie's neck and jaw. The episode irises out on the eye as it lands on the ground, and the close-up allows the viewer to see many twigs and leaves stuck to it.


"Plant a tree!"


  • Rainbow Dash eats a piece of an enlarging acorn, and the chunk she ate grows while it is in her stomach, causing it to burst her stomach open and release Dash's stomach, abdomen, and intestines.
  • Pinkie Pie has a similar fate, eating an enlarging chunk of an acorn, but as the acorn piece is in her mouth (not swallowed or chewed yet) it grows, and it forces Pinkie's head to split horizontally.
  • Spike is impaled through the back of the head with a tree.
  • Twilight dies from either blood loss, the dislocation of her spine, or both things.


  • Twilight's left ear is sliced off by glass shards.
  • Twilight is launched into the air after slipping in a glass shard and lands on her coat hanger, and one the hooks impales her eye.
  • Twilight's spine is forced out of her chest cavity.  

Survival Rates

Amount of characters: 4

Amount of surviving main characters: 0

Amount of dead main characters: 4

Total Percentage: 0%


  • Twilight's window is shattered by a tree.
  • Twilight's room becomes cluttered due to the commotion caused by the tree.


  • For a few frames, in the beginning, the flame on the candle disappears but the glow is still there.
  • Twilight's left ear is sliced off but is not located anywhere throughout the rest of the episode.
  • When Spike is killed, his left eye is a darker shade of green for a few moments, while the other one is the regular green.
  • Twilight should have died the moment her spine was dislocated.

Quick Shot Moment

When Twilight is about to charge the tree, there is a brief frame of Rainbow Dash's stomach bursting open.