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Stanley Pines, also known as Stan or "Grunkle Stan", is the tritagonist of the popular Disney TV show Gravity Falls. He is Dipper's and Mabel's great uncle and the owner of the Mistery Shack.

Throughout the series, Stan just looks like an ordinary and swindler man, but there are many aspects about him that most of Gravity Falls' fans don't know yet, making Stanley a more misterious person. Here are some interesting facts about him.

WARNING: There would be some SPOILERS, so you read this article under your own risk.


  • Stan used to be jewish, but now he is atheist.
  • His nickname "Grunkle Stan" was chosen by Alex Hirsch, Gravity Falls' creator, because his great aunt Lois liked to be called "Graunty Lois".
  • Stanley is based on Alex Hirsch's uncle, who also is named Stanley. Hirsch afirmed that his uncle liked to tell him and his twin sister great stories about adventures, making Hirsch look his uncle like an amazing but also misterious man.
  • The symbol on Stan's fez resembles the Shriners hat. Because of this, the symbol was removed from Stan's fez in some countries.
  • Stan's mark on his back is not really a tattoo, instead is a burn mark that he received when he was younger. In the episode "A Tale of Two Stans" is revealed that he obtained it after his twin brother Ford pushed him into hot metal. Bill Cipher, another character of the series, said that the symbol means "Watch your step".
  • Stan owns ten guns.
  • His belly button is an innie.
  • His appearance resembles Carl Fredricksen from the Disney Pixar movie UP.
  • He has been in Colombia, where he was arrested for unknown reasons.
  • He has been practicing the same coin trick since 1982 and still can't master it.