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"Ten Spade" is the third episode in the Happy Pony Freinds series. This episode introduces and features Fluttershy, a timid pegasus whose shyness doesn't get in the way of her bloody, gory deaths. This episode is considered by many viewers one of the hardest to watch.

HPF Description

Hold onto your hard hats! We found a hole and it looks like som ponies went down it... oh my god, is that intestines!? Oh hey, a pony with her eyes missing! And hey, blood everywhere! Run! This hole is evil!


The episode begins with the ponies finding a rather large hole in the ground during a dig, at a construction site. Twilight looks into it and is pleasured to see a shimmer down below in the darkness. Then Applejack seemingly tells them to go down the hole, and Twilight eagerly agrees, while Fluttershy does so, but hesitantly. They jump in and are surprised to see a large system of tunnels. Each of the ponies decide to go different ways - Fluttershy goes to the left, Twilight the middle, and Applejack the right. 

Twilight looks around, using her horn for illumination. She sees a few gems poking out of the dirt, which she excitedly runs to. Twilight tries to dig it out, but when she digs, two jagged stalactites drop from the ceiling. Twilight looks up to see what had happened and screams in pain as the stones land in both of her eyes, blinding her. The stones then begin poking out of her nostrils, and she begins bleeding from the eyes and the nose. Twilight then dies, and her head lands an a stalagmite, impaling it and crushing the brain to mush (and a portion of the brain falls out).

Applejack walks down the cave, not being able to see anything. She then trips over a flashlight, and hurriedly picks it up. Applejack turns it on and uses it for light. However, Applejack trips again, this time on a stalagmite. Her head lands on another stalagmite, but the stone is forced through her mouth and pokes out of her cheek. Applejack groans in pain and tries tugging to get the jagged rock out of her face but only succeeds in ripping her entire cheek off. Applejack screams in pain and falls down a hole, in which her chest is impaled by a stalagmite, her heart being forced out. The flashlight falls out of her now open mouth, into the water below.

Lastly, Fluttershy is walking down her tunnel, paranoid about the dangers of caves. She then decides to run once she hears a rock fall to the floor, but she trips on a twig and falls flat on a slab of stone. She gets back up and screams to see the slab lodged into her eye socket. She pulls it out but ends up flinging out her optic nerve, still connected to her head, and it ties around a stalactite. Fluttershy tries to tug at it but fails and falls down a hole, her eye now acting as a bungee cord. Fluttershy, now crying, tries to climb up her eye out of the hole, but she falls again and her brain and other eye come out of her eye socket, and Fluttershy falls, still screaming, but not for long, as her body falls vertically and it hits a stalagmite tearing her entire body in half.

Somehow, the tunnels caused the corpses the end up in the same room in a messy pile. The episode irises out on the shiny object, which is revealed to just be the reflection of a piece of glass.   


"If you're gonna dig a hole, dig it deep!"


  • Twilight's eyes and body are impaled by stalagmites and stalactites.
  • Applejack's heart is forced out of her body by a stalagmite.
  • Fluttershy is torn in half.


  • Twilight's eyes are impaled by stones.
  • Applejack's cheek is punctured by a stalagmite.
  • Applejack also gets her cheek ripped off.
  • Fluttershy's eye is forced out by a slab of stone.
  • Fluttershy's brain and other eye exit her head via her eye socket.

Survival Rate

Amount of Main Characters: 3

Amount of Survivors: 0

Amount of Dead: 3

Total: 0%

Quick Shot Moment

When Applejack is falling down the hole, there is a brief shot of Twilight's eyes getting impaled by stalagmites.

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