These are the chat guidelines.

1. Do not bully. Bullying is bad. And we don't want that to be on the wikia.

2. Don't do vandalism. Vandalism is bad. Please don't do that!

3. No harassment.

4. No flame wars or disputes.

5. Please don't post inappropriate content.

6. Don't disrespect other users!!! This will get you banned!!!

7. No racism! This will also get you banned and can probably start a fight.

8. No sexual interactions, some users will become uncomfortable.

9. No posting NSFW. Its nasty as fuck

10. No pornographically explicit images linked. That will result in a week ban on chat.

11. No advertising unless it is in PM. Sorry. Lol

12. Have fun!

Admins if you would like to add more guidelines. Go ahead!

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