Joke:VBS/CDEject.D is a trojan, however it was meant as a joke and can be avoided easily, making it close to non-destructive malware. It is also not well known.

The user will get an email containing a text file (most notably labeled "me.txt") with some code inside. The user can avoid the virus by just ignoring the "instructions" that come with the email.

The text reads:

Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7")
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection
if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count -1
For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count -1
End If
wscript.sleep 5000

It will tell the user to open the file, go to save as, and change the ".txt" to ".vbs". Then when the user runs it, it will repetitively open and close the user's disk tray infinitely until the user terminate its process, log off, restart, or shut down.

If the user's computer doesn't have a disk tray, the code will do nothing. Also, it can be blocked by some antiviruses, which will give the user a warning about the file and then quarantine the virus

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