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Happy Wheels friends is a dark humor cartoon created by SaiyaSasuskia, and co-directed by Emmaelise401. It is inspired from Happy Tree Friends, Overall, the series is a bunch of shorts mushed up into seasons. There are also intermissions and full episodes of the series. Each episode features the main

The whole gang.

characters going through dismemberment, bloodshed, accidental murder, brutal torture, evisceration, and/or death. This series is based off of the TV show created by Lauren Faust titled "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". The series first premiered on January 21, 2011. The series was labeled "full of dynamite, gore, sweat and tears within the first 20 seconds of an episode". It has been noted that this show also takes inspiration from MisterDavie, the creator of Cupcakes HD and Smile HD.

Happy Pony Friends features a variety of characters, each with varying appearances and personalities. However, almost all share identical pony species: characters include Twilight, a unicorn, a nerd and a bookworm, Applejack, a hard working farm pony whose stubbornness gets her into bad situations, Pinkie Pie, a carefree party pony whose eagerness can cause the demise of both her and her friends, Rarity, a unicorn, fashionista and a diva whose aspirations end up getting in the way of her survival, Fluttershy, a shy pegasus who is always willing to help out others, and Rainbow Dash, a prideful pegasus gifted with the speed of light.

One small example of the bloodshed in the series.

The Happy Pony Friends franchise got a ten episode TV show featuring extended shorts. The series was given a 94% rating. The TV series had ten episodes each of which contained three six minute shorts. Each "episode" had a hidden easter egg in them (for example, a hidden HPF character would be hidden somewhere). Happy Pony Friends was addressed by Saiya as "a little red riding blood". As a reference to a short in the HPF franchise, and the immense amount of accidental bloodshed in the series.

The series has been labeled as black humor, bloody comedy, and cult following.

Internet Shorts, Vol. 1

These shorts aired from January 21, 2011 to July 16, 2011.

Episode Number Episode Name Episode Synopsis Date Aired
1 To Tell You a Gory... Twilight is reading study books when suddenly, a large tree grows at an alarming speed through her window, killing Spike in the process and pending her survival. January 21, 2011
2 Don't Push My Buttons! Rainbow Dash falls asleep on the control pad of a dangerous machine at a factory. Pinkie and Rarity, employees of the factory, don't end up with the best of luck. January 28, 2011
3 Ten Spade Chaos ensues when pit crew Twilight, Fluttershy and Applejack find a deep pit inside their construction zone. February 4, 2011
4 Dashing to the Rescue When Rainbow Dash spots the innocent Applejack in peril, she goes and saves the day... or does she...?   February 11, 2011
5 Hangin' Out Rarity is doing her job when her eye is impaled by a hanger. After that, it's just a bunch of escalating accidents. February 18, 2011
6 Fault in Our Parties Pinkie Pie falls into the bobbing-for-apples barrel with no way out. She must escape the barrel before she drowns... or worse. February 25, 2011
7 Face the Consequences Pinkie Pie teaches Rainbow Dash how to make muffins, and chaos ensues. This includes Pinkie getting her face burned off, Rainbow getting her face sliced in half, and other mishaps! March 5, 2011
8 Be Knife Applejack makes a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Rarity. Unfortunately for Rarity, knife shards have gotten into the sandwich and Rarity is about to get her tastes "sharpened"! March 12, 2011
9 In the Chopper Fluttershy falls down a huge manhole when feeding the birds and lands inside a teddy bear factory. Harmless. However, when she falls into the factory machine, it's anything BUT harmless for poor Fluttershy. March 19, 2011
10 Hide and Go 'Eek'! A game of hide and seek takes a horrible turn when Twilight gets a bit manic when not being able to find the hiders. The game turns from fun to a life or death situation, with Twilight as your executor! March 26, 2011
11 Diamonds in the Rough Applejack and Twilight are doing an archeological dig when they find an extraordinary coin. However, the coin soon leads to the ponies' greed, and eventually, their own demise. April 2, 2011
12 Die-Cycle Rainbow Dash buys a new bike to do stunts with. She goes to a ramp to perform a "harmless" stunt, but ends up barfing out her own skeleton after the terrifying and death-inducing experience. April 9, 2011
13 Pony Die-Namics When having a conversation it is vital to add a little slice to it when you're the excitable Pinkie Pie. However, when Pinkie ends up hanging from a tree by her internal organs, it is quite the story to tell to ponies. Am I right!?? April 16, 2011
14 Pain in the Neck Twilight learns the pain of neck cramps when she wakes up with a pain in the neck one morning. The methods she uses to get rid of the cramp end up causing a bit of gritty, bloody trouble. April 23, 2011
15 Seeding Gritty Rarity is stuck on top of a tree hanging over a cliff. She ends up taking her eye out, and soon she must get off the tree or else she will be struck by lightning. April 30, 2011
16 Killing Time A bored Fluttershy decides to go to the park to go and feed the birds. However, she must cross a dangerous traffic, which proves difficult for little Fluttershy. Heck, a car takes off her left wing! May 7, 2011

Fresh Squeezed

Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are running a fruit punch stand. Thanks to faulty signs and their poorly built stand, Pinkie and Dash get a taste of the bloodiest fruit punch ever seen to ponykind. May 14, 2011
18 This Pony is on Fire Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are having a relaxing day at Fluttershy's cottage. Suddenly, a small fire happens. The ponies' efforts to douse the fire proves to be harmful, as the fire gets to their manes... literally! May 21, 2011
19 Inside Job Pinkie Pie gets a job as a carpenter with Applejack as her boss. However several things go wrong, such as Pinkie accidentally impaling Rarity with a sharp, splintered wooden plank. May 28, 2011
20 Come Hail Away A hail storm has everypony inside, except for the ever bragging Rainbow Dash and the smarty pants Twilight. With quite a vain attitude, they both go out to show off. Little do they know, their bragging rights will soon be buried in their remains. June 4, 2011
21 Raw Deal Applejack eats a raw piece of meat by pure accident. This causes her to puke out vomit and eventually her internal organs. Things spiral out of control and soon, Applejack's heart becomes raw as well. Literally. June 11, 2011
22 As Far as the Eye Can See Fluttershy is enjoying a nice lollipop when she gets her lollipop stuck inside her eye socket. Soon, her eye is tangled around a flagpole, and things get bloodier and more torturous by the second. June 18, 2011
23 The Grim on Your Face Rarity finds herself in a rather bloody and grotesque situation when she goes into the Everfree Forest by pure chance and must deal with rather aggressive vines, who tear her lips off first. June 25, 2011
24 Pretty in Pink Pinkie Pie is left to manage Rarity's chores so she can make money to spend on a party cannon. However, when she stumbles upon Rarity's high tech dress making devices, what was supposed to be a satin dress turns into a pink and gory dress. July 2, 2011
25 Blood Bath Rainbow Dash takes a bath in her secluded Cloudsdale home one evening. However, things get hectic when her shower doesn't work, and is leaking a liquid that burns everything it touches... including ponies! July 9, 2011
26 It's a Bloody, Grotesque, Gory, Murderous World The ponies are on a road trip along with Derpy, Starlight Glimmer, and Zecora. However when they end up marooned on an island in the middle of the sea, they must escape... somehow. July 16, 2011

While working on Season 1, Saiya spent a week thinking up ideas.