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Hangin' Out is the fifth episode of Season 1 of Happy Pony Friends. This is also the first time SaiyaSasuskia let three people direct a HPF short.

This short is considered by many viewers to be one of Rarity's most famous episodes.

This is also one of Saiya's favorite episodes.


The episode begins with Rarity working, making a dress or some sort of apparel for another pony. She goes to get a hanger, but it drops and the hook of the hanger slides past Rarity's eye, tearing it open. The half opened eye spews out blood, and Rarity yelps and jumps backward in confusion and pain, but slips and falls headfirst into a needle box. Rarity jumps out of the needle box, the needles sticking out of her skin. She shakes off all the needles but they leave small holes inside her, and they spew out blood. Rarity's body now being slowly derived of blood, Rarity tries to plug up the holes with corkscrews.

Fortunately for her, this tactic works. Rarity then goes back to work, but slips again and a hanger impales her nostril. Rarity goes to pull it out but ends up pulling off ruler entire muzzle along with her facial skin. Rarity screams in pain and runs around frantically, until she bumps into a shelf. A bottle falls onto her and Rarity falls to the floor. Rarity is then distraught to realize the bottle is now embedded into her stomach. Her stomach and intestines are inside the bottle, along with blood. Rarity runs around in a panic, and find a a corkscrew for the bottle as to not lose more blood. Rarity plugs in the corkscrew and once again, this proves successful. Rarity then gets impaled in the back of her head with a knife as she trips over a ribbon and lands on the knife. She tries pulling it out, but shoves it back in when she sees pieces of her brain stuck to it.

Now crying and screaming in pain, as a last attempt to save her own life, Rarity tries to crawl to the first aid kit. She gets her foot lodged under a cot, and the cot falls onto her back and slices her upper body from her waist and legs. The only thing keeping them together is the intestine and a few other organs and muscle. Rarity crawls to the first aid box and successfully grabs it. However, she can't open the box since it got glued shut somehow. Rarity desperately tries to open it before dying of blood loss, and she can't open it. Rarity then becomes slower, then is still, as she falls to the floor face first and she dies. The first aid box opens up next to Rarity's corpse, as it becomes entirely drenched in blood. The episode irises out on the two hangers that killed caused the escalating chain of events, now covered in blood and organs.

Survival Rate

Amount of Main Characters: 1

Amount of Dead Main Characters: 1

Amount of Survivors: 0

Total Percentage: 0%


  • Rarity dies of blood loss from her many wounds.


  • Rarity's eye is sliced open by a hanger's hook.
  • Rarity's body acquires many holes from falling into a box of needles.
  • Rarity's stomach and intestines get embedded into a bottle.
  • Rarity is sliced in half by a cot, only being kept alive by her intestines.

Quick Shot Moment

When Rarity gets impaled by a knife, a brief frame of her eye getting sliced can be seen.