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Don't Push My Buttons! is the second episode of Happy Pony Friends. This episode introduces Rarity, a somewhat greedy fashionista and dress maker, and features Pinkie Pie, a pony whose bounciness causes her death, and the heroic Rainbow Dash, who is a bit smug at times and likes to brag quite a bit.

HPF Episode Description

Don't Push My Buttons! is the second Happy Pony Friends episode! This episode introduces and features Rarity, a somewhat greedy dress maker, and the episode features Rainbow Dash, a splendid yet arrogant pegasus, and Pinkie Pie, an energetic party pony whose energy often results in her demise. This episode has manager Dash at a badge factory, with Rarity and Pinkie as employees. However, Dash had a terrible night's sleep, so she falls asleep... at the expense of Rarity and Pinkie.


The episode begins with a fade-in on a dim lightbulb in a large factory. Many ponies are managing the machines that make badges. Amongst these ponies are Pinkie Pie and Rarity, managing a select part of the machine. The scene changes to Dash's room. The posters clearly indicate that she is the manager. However, Dash is shown to have gotten little to no sleep the night before, due to the fact that her hair is a mess, she has heavy bags under her eyes, and that she yawns repeatedly. Dash then falls asleep on the spot when managing the control panel. She falls asleep on a large yellow button, which stops the part of the machine that Pinkie Pie and Rarity are managing, much to their confusion.

Pinkie Pie sticks her hoof into the machine's opening and conveyor belt system. However, when Pinkie is digging around in the machine, Dash wakes up and gets her head off of the yellow button, starting up the machine again. Pinkie is first confused, then horrified, to see that she is being dragged into the machine. She manages to escape right before she is dragged into the machine. However, when Pinkie goes to wipe sweat from her brow, she screams to see that her hoof is now mangled and bloody, with chunks of bone sticking out and quite a lot of exposed muscle. Rarity screams as well, and the episode fades out. It fades in again on Pinkie's damaged hoof, now heavily bandaged.

Pinkie turns around for a brief while to grab materials for badges to insert into the machine. Dash, still tired, falls asleep again, this time on a red button. This causes the machine to stop again. Rarity then leans her head into the machine to see if there is a problem with it, but Dash wakes up once again, and lifts up her head from the yellow button she was sleeping on. Rarity is then dragged into the machine, and screams can be heard from the outside of the machine, as well as bloody squelches. Rarity comes out, now a heap of bloody mush and organs. The pile of remains are then taken to another part of the machine, and soon, the gold badges coming out of the machine turn white, with a few bloody stains. Pinkie turns around again and ponders where Rarity is, before seeing the white badges and shrieking in horror, realising what had happened to her friend. Pinkie runs off in terror, tripping over a badge on her way, but getting back up again and running, out the door to the factory.

Rainbow Dash comes out to see the conundrum, and ignores Pinkie's screams. She sees the white badges and realizes what happened, but shrugs it off, not caring. Her selfishness is then punished when Dash trips on a white badge, and her head is impaled by the lever, her brain being forced out the back of her head, being notched atop the lever. The episode irises out on the badge Dash tripped on.


"Death springs eternal!"


  • Rarity is pulled into the badge making machine, and she is reduced to a pile of her remains once she is out of the machine. She is then converted into many bloody badges.
  • Rainbow Dash is impaled by a lever, forcing her brain out of the back of her head.


  • Pinkie's hoof is shredded and mangled by the machine.
  • Pinkie trips on a badge and falls on the floor.


  • The machine could have been ruined by Rarity's remains being in it.

Survival Rates

Amount of main characters: 3

Amount of surviving main characters: 1

Amount of dead main characters: 2

Total Percentage: 66.6%


  • When Pinkie's hoof is bandaged, for one frame it disappears.
  • Rarity's eyes disappear for one frame.
  • Logically, it would be impossible for a machine the size of the machine Pinkie and Rarity were using to fit a pony inside.

Quick Shot Moment

When Rarity is about to be dragged into the machine, there is a brief frame of Pinkie screaming upon seeing her mangled hoof.