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Dashing to the Rescue is the third episode of Season 1 of Happy Pony Friends. This episode is the first one to introduce Applejack, despite her appearing in the previous episode. However, this is because this episode was produced before the former, thus making it Applejack's true introduction. This also makes Applejack's first feature in an episode. This is also the first episode to be directed by more than one person. 

HPF Episode Description

Well, well well, looks like Dash sees our beloved Applejack in deep trouble! No fear! Your friendly neighbor Rainbow Dash is here! Oh yeah, and you might experience pain, torture, asphyxiation, choking, drowning, burning, and more! But hey, it's worth it for the glory, am I right!?


The episode begins with Applejack, bucking trees and letting all the apples fall into adjacent barrels. Applejack turns around to get another barrel, but trips on a twig and falls down a cliff, but luckily grabs on to a vine. She climbs the vine slowly, and Rainbow Dash sees this. Dash then grabs Applejack, and the latter cheers for the former. However, Rainbow hears many screams and goes to the town to see an avalanche about to take place.

Dash flies up towards the sky, past a burning volcano. She glides past the top of it, where the lava is teeming. The lava bubbles up, and a larger bubble pops and the liquid sprayed from it lands on Applejack's face. Applejack screams in a sick pain, but her blood curdling screams die off along with her, as her face is burnt off, then her muscle, until her skull is revealed. Her eyes also fall out in a comedic fashion after the skull is shown. Rainbow Dash seems to either ignore this or not notice, as she doesn't even look behind her as she then turns around and speeds towards the large snowballs.

Rainbow Dash goes straight through the snowballs, not doing any good and not destroying them at all. Applejack's now heavily mangled head falls off, and plummets into the snow below, turning the snow around it into a reddish color. Once again the former ignores this.

Rainbow Dash flies to outer space, with Applejack's body still in her arms. As Dash flies full speed at the snowballs, Applejack's beheaded corpse begins spewing blood and the torso and legs come apart, only being held together by the intestines. Applejack's other organs fall out and are lost in the snow like her head, but no one notices this. Rainbow Dash drops Applejack's body and sticks her leg out, about to kick the snow. She succeeds and the snowballs are destroyed, saving everypony from the impending disaster.

One of the most suddenly disturbing instances in HPF.

We see Rarity cheering like everypony else, but the cheers cease as everypony looks at Applejack's corpse falling down. It falls on Rainbow Dash and Dash falls into Rarity and after the impact, Rainbow Dash's stomach is crushed by Applejack's corpse, forcing out her intestines through her mouth, and Rarity's head had been crushed, and her brain had spilled everywhere, making a huge mess across the snowy ground. The episode irises out on Dash's severed wing, as it makes a flap before going limp and spewing out blood.

Survival Rate

Amount of Main Characters: 3 (counting Rarity)

Amount of Dead Main Characters: 3

Amount of Survivors: 0

Total Percentage: 0%


  • Applejack's face is burned to the skull by lava.
  • Rainbow Dash crashes into Rarity and her midsection is crushed by Applejack's corpse, and her intestines are pushed out of her mouth.
  • Rarity's brains spill out because of the impact of Dash crashing into her.


  • Applejack's body rips in half, being held together by the intestine. (She is dead before this).
  • Dash gets a noticeable few scratches from hitting the snowballs.

Quick Shot Moment

When Dash is about to crash into the snowballs, there is a quick shot of Applejack's face being burned off.