Cockblocker is a ransomware trojan on Microsoft Windows. It's made for danooct1's Viewer-Made Malware series. When run, it starts a memory process, and starts to encrypt files. After encrypting all the files, it runs a message box, telling you: "Yo file's been encrypted n*gga, pays me a bitcoin and I'll uncrypt them fam" Note that the message above is uncensored. Also it displays a message that changes any time you run the ransomware. Example: "like I'd become a monster..." It gives a list to you that shows the encrypted files. It is going to give you a bitcoin address, and the ransom is just one bitcoin. But, it also gives a decryption key entering box which has a "definitely not a backdoor". You can save your files by entering: "not_a_backdoor" without the ". It also has a cmd running behind the message box. If you try to close the display box, it will display another message box that says: "are you sure you wanna do that???!" If you click No, it just closes the warning box. If you click yes, it will delete the process of the display box, with all the encrypted files.

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