Chameleon itself is sometimes considered a variant of Vienna. Some variants are very similar to the original with the exception of their size.

Chameleon.Casper is 1,200 bytes long and a subvariant is 1,190 bytes. It was introduced in August of 1990. The virus body contains the text "Hi! I'm CASPER The Virus, And On April 1st I'm Gonna Fuck Up Your Hard Disk REAL BAD! In Fact It Might Just Be Impossible To Recover! How's That Grab Ya! GRIN". It will not be visible as it is encrypted.

Chameleon.V2P6 is 1,808 bytes long with a subvariant that is 1,993 bytes.

Chameleon.Adolph was discovered in May of 1991. It is 2,109 to 2,445 byted long.

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