SaiyaSasuskia SaiyaSasuskia 19 January 2017

Wiki Needs

This wiki needs a few things. Here are the major things:

  • Emotes
  • Icons for Admins/Mods/Rollbacks/Crats
  • Improved Rules
  • Format/Wordmark
  • Logo?
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GoldieBear GoldieBear 15 January 2017

I spent 15 hours of my life editing and working on this wiki.

Is that a good thing?

                                                                                                                                                                             I don't know. 

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GoldieBear GoldieBear 12 January 2017


Okay. We need to add emotes, because they are fun to use and can show emotion! Everyone loves emotes. I know how to add them so I will try my best to do it. I can only come home at 3:16 because of school. Have a great day!

Wolfie 06:53, January 12, 2017 (UTC)

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DreadLord666 TTWP DreadLord666 TTWP 11 January 2017

hello guys the name is TTWP/ Wolf Pack/ or just Wolf

I am a Warlord but I only Defend the wikis I am in 5 wikis one which is Call of Duty Two wiki, Call of Duty Wiki, the MLP wiki don't mock me for it I am proud of it, also this wiki I have one more but it is personally a secret Wiki. I just hope to be friends to many but HHW because I've been told many bad things no offence those who r with HHW it's what I've been told I hope y'all understand that I am the kind of guy who likes people who r trust worthy aka all the people here I can trust because they r kind and they seem to understand me unlike some other random wikis but they have reasons not to. so Cya In the Battle Field and G'night!!!

||| Reality Rejected Synapse Shattered Banishment From This WORLD!!! |||

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BartoszC BartoszC 11 January 2017


Hello, I am new on this wikia, I love roleplaying  and I believe this is the perfect wikia for me.

BartoszC (talk) His Imperial Majesty, Bartolomeo Carolus I of The Noble House of Iucas, The Emperor of Polonia and Armenia, Prince of Hungaria, Duke of Dacia and Bulgaria, and Count of Savoy. 02:26, January 11, 2017 (UTC)

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Emmaelise401 Emmaelise401 11 January 2017

Social 101! A Sucess!

Hi everyone! I would just like to thank you personally for making Social 101 Wiki a sucess!

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RKSPokéBeast987 RKSPokéBeast987 10 January 2017

Well, hello!

This is my first blog post on this Wikia! I'm just here to say hello. By the way, I rarely make blog posts, just to let you guys know.

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GoldieBear GoldieBear 9 January 2017

Spread the Wiki around!

Show it some love! Tell your friends or cousins about this wiki, we need more users so this wiki can grow, help SaiyaSasuskia and Emma.

Wolfie 06:07, January 9, 2017 (UTC)

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