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The administration on this wikia can help with the Wikia a lot, like revert edits quickly, as well as the other staff. Patrollers can protect pages, rollbacks undo bad edits, bureaus promote people, and discussion mods are in charge of threads.


By default on Fandom, a bureaucrat can grant rollback, content moderator, administrator, and bureaucrat, and can revoke rollback, content moderator, and admin rights. While bureaucrats cannot directly remove other user's bureaucrat status (please contact Fandom Staff if this is needed), a bureaucrat may remove their own bureaucrat group. Administrators (sysops) have the rollback and content moderator permissions included, so adding these groups to administrators is unnecessary. Some communities may be able to add or remove additional groups, such as 'bot', or wiki-specific groups.


Administrators are editors who are trusted with access to certain restricted technical features on a wiki.

How to become an admin Edit

  • Every founder of a community is automatically granted admin access on the wiki they founded, in addition to bureaucrat status.
  • Bureaucrats can grant other users bureaucrat, admin, rollback, and content moderators access.
  • Admins can grant other users discussion moderator and chat moderator access.
  • You can become an admin in an inactive wiki through Adoption Requests.


Patrollers, or "content moderators" can revert and protect articles and pages. They are very important and can also improve the wiki. 

Chat Moderators

Layten Bot - The first ever bot on the wiki. A bot owned by Hurricane.

BeautyBot - This wiki's bot. But it's not in chat


List of Admins/B-Crats

1st seat Emmaelise401
Administrator • Bureaucrat • Founder Active
2nd seat SaiyaSasuskia
Administrator • Bureaucrat • E.F Founder Radioactive
3rd seat GoldieBear
Administrator • Bureaucrat Active
4th seat Grimtotem14
Administrator • Bureaucrat Semi-Active
5th seat MWTM
Administrator • E.F Force • E.F Co-Leader Active
6th seat Hurricane Layten
Administrator Active
7th seat Marv argon
Administrator Semi-Active
8th seat American Titan
Administrator Semi-Active